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Taisho-Tei Ramen

Descended its scrumptiousness from Mr. Peng Chung, Taisho-Tei Ramen is a legendary Chinese noodle restaurant which has been operated for over 80 years. The eye-catching unique design of the restaurant brings customers with reminiscence of Yaowarat Road’s nightlife. Don’t miss its signature dishes including Yen Ta Fo Hot Pot (Yen Ta FoMor Fai), PuakTod (Fried Taro), Dried Egg Noodle with Bamboo Shoots, and Fish Wonton Soup. Come experience a wide selection of delicious menus of Taisho-Tei Ramen at BEEHIVE branch.

Opening Hours: 10:00-21:30 hrs.
Signature Dishes: Click
Telephone: 0 2060 9370
Facebook: TaishoteiRamen