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Muang Thong Medicine House

Muang Thong Medicine House, also known as ‘Baan YaMuang Thong’, is a one-stop health provider focusing on giving medical advice onmedication and healthcare products under the supervision of a professional team of pharmacists specialized in medication, supplement products, medical supplies as well as other relevant healthcare products. Muang Thong Medicine House selects only high quality medical products to distribute to customers while introducing the latest medical technology and innovations to health-conscious customers in order that they will enjoy high quality products and services to enhance their quality of lives by using the right medication for treatment. In addition, Muang Thong Medicine House also encourages people to care of their health by focusing on the cause of ailments so that we can stay away from any disease and enjoy both physical and mental health.

Opening Hours: 10:00-22:00 hrs.
Telephone: 09 8292 2426
Facebook: www.facebook.com/muangthongmedhouse