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‘OmGanapati’ is a one-stop shop for Indian gods and deities where you finda variety of sacred objects like a pendant or a statue of Lord Ganeshato enhance your career, wealth and love. In addition to Ganesha, the shop also offers other Hindu gods and deities statues such as Brahma, Shiva, Parvati, Goddess Kali (The Dark Mother), Sheera Mansa Devi, etc. Each and every god and deity has been consecrated by Brahmin priests either from India or Mon Tian Hindu Temple, Sao Ching Cha and some deities statues are made of soil from holy Kongka River, India. If you are interested in any sacred objects or want to consult about organizing a religious ritual, visit ‘Om Ganapati’. The scented incense sticks are also available here.

Opening Hours: 10:30-20:00 hrs.
Telephone: 08 9108 6512, 09 6192 9493
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Omganapatiom