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Jaew Horn (E-San Hot Pot)

“Jaew Horn” is a traditional northeastern-style menu, offering spicy, sour, salty, herbaceous taste with low calories, ideally for health-conscious people. This party-like menu is a great choice for a get together of family members and friends to spend a happy and fun time together while enjoying the scrumptious Isan-style food!

In each region, “Jaew Horn” has distinctive taste and recipe. At “Jaew Horn” by Tum Mua, the recipe has been applied to tickle customers’ taste buds; especially savory broth soup specially made from well-selected quality ingredients and has been simmered for over 2 hours as well as spicy Thai-Isan dipping sauce, so-called “Nam-Jim-Jaew”, made from dried red chili and toasted rice powder, offering sour and salty taste following Tum Mua’s authentic northeastern-style recipe!


“Jaew Horn - A Fun Meal at Your Choice” is a restaurant’s slogan! This Isan-style hot pot allows the family members and friends to enjoy a happy free-style meal together in a cozy environment. An enjoyable meal starts with putting the tasty and spicy broth soup into the pot, followed by fresh Thai basil leaves and other herbs. Once boiling, dip thinly sliced pork or beef in a flavorful broth soup and dip cooked meat in Thai-Isan dipping sauce and enjoy the delightfulness of this unforgettable meal!

Another highlight of “Jaew Horn” is the use of premium, fresh ingredients including beef, pork and offal to allow customers to enjoy the most lip-smacking meal.

Opening Hours: 11:00-22:00 hrs.
Seating Capacity: 50-60
Telephone: 09 9170 3282
Facebook: crazyspicygang
Instagram: spicygang