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Studylicious is an academic school that offers 3 specialized courses including Singapore Maths - the world’s leading teaching method based on the national mathematics curriculum to develop students’ potential in problem solving and arithmetic thinking by focusing on the use of learning concrete materials to let students engage in hands-on learning experiences, specially designed for kindergarten through sixth grade students, Jumping Clay - introducing the art of clay modeling from fundamental to high-level knowledge with numerous curriculums available for kids aged over 3 years and Studylicious Early English, a leading English course focusing on the use of technology as a key learning tool. By joining this course, students will have a chance to improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, speaking and writing skills. Lessons are specially designed to be fun coupled with a variety of interactive activities, ideally for kindergarten through sixth grade. In addition, Studylicious, BEEHIVE Muang Thong Thani also offers a variety of courses ranging from core English programs to special courses to meet the needs of customers.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 13:00-19:00 hrs.
Sat-Sun: 09:00-19:00 hrs.
Telephone: 09 7123 9116, 0 2003 2739
Email: studylicious.beehive@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/StudyLicious-Beehive